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Hugh Conway was an acknowledged expert on Bugatti history and well known internationally through his books, other writings and personal contacts. His remarkable collection of photographs, drawings, letters and articles form the basis of the Bugatti Trust archive. The generosity of the Founders and other members helped to establish the Bugatti Trust. The sale of one of Hugh Conway's Bugattis funded the building in which the collection is housed at Prescott. The Bugatti Trust Building Prescott is also the home of the Bugatti Owners' Club and location of the speed hill climb. The Bugatti Trust was set up and exists to encourage research into Bugatti's works, whether by experts or those never having heard the name.

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Bugatti Trust Study Centre Office

  • Address: Prescott Hill, Gotherington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
  • Postcode: GL52 9RD
  • Phone: 01242 677201
  • URL: www.bugatti-trust.co.uk

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  • The Bugatti Trust is Open to the public: From 10.00 am to 4.00 pm Monday - Friday.

Bugatti Trust Study Centre

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