About South West Vauxhall Spares Ltd

Established over 10 years, we are specialist Vauxhall breakers based in the South West of England. We carry a wide range of genuine quality used parts for all models - Corsa, Astra, Vectra, Zafira and Omega - as well as some high-spec and sports/performance items. We also have a small stock of brand new non Vauxhall branded parts such as Lights and Mirrors. We are always breaking fresh cars, with many more dismantled to date and tested items placed on the shelf.

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South West Vauxhall Spares Ltd

Within a radius (as the crow flies) of 12 miles:


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In September 1862 the Somerset and Dorset was formed from Dorset Central and Somerset Central railways.Archive WWW.WESTCOUNTRYAUTOJUMBLE.CO.UK