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Jones Motor Spares specialise in dismantling end of life (EOL) vehicles. The majority of the vehicles that we dismantle are no more than a few years old. As a result they are an excellent source for recycling and reusing parts as replacements for current vehicles. As these parts are usually so new they are an effective and inexpensive source of replacement parts for all of the major makes and models and some of the more obscure models as well. Providing replacement parts is only one side of our facility here in Devizes. We offer a fully licenced and registered vehicle recycling facility which conforms to the latest standards required to ensure that EOL vehicles are disposed of safley and with as little enviromental impact as possible. Jones Motor Spares prides itself in having the latest up to date machinery that allows us to remove all viable spares and the efficient disposal of your EOL vehicle.

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January's Historic West Country

In January 1643, The Cornish Royalist, led by Sir Ralph Hopton, gain victory at the Battle of Braddock Down in the first English Civil War.Archive WWW.WESTCOUNTRYAUTOJUMBLE.CO.UK