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If you need vehicle recycling in Cornwall then you need look no further than G.M. Philpott. We are a friendly & professional company offering a customer focused service to all of those in need. We cover the South Cornwall area recycling your used vehicles. If you have an MOT failure or damaged car which you no longer wish to keep or maintain contact our company today. Our services include: •Car Collection •Purchase of Cars •Disposal of Cars •Car Recycling We offer a competitive service & will ensure that we pay you a high price for your vehicle; be it a scrap car, commercial vehicle, motorcycle or motor home. We take all scrap vehicles & will provide the same standard of service throughout. We are a well respected company having been established within the industry for over 20 years, our ethical motives ensure we are committed to yours and the environments needs. If you no longer wish to keep your car we will ensure that it is recycled accordingly and pay you for it in the process.

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GM Philpott Cars

Within a radius (as the crow flies) of 12 miles:

#2.9 miles   Helston Folk Museum
#8.8 miles   Falmouth Boat Jumble


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January's Historic West Country

In January 1643, The Cornish Royalist, led by Sir Ralph Hopton, gain victory at the Battle of Braddock Down in the first English Civil War.Archive WWW.WESTCOUNTRYAUTOJUMBLE.CO.UK