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SWM own Kirton Recycling which is one of the largest vehicle recyclers in the South West. New stock arrives daily across all of our depots and offers a cost effective alternative to the purchase of new parts whilst being sustainable and reducing the impact on the environment. We have a broad customer base ranging from individuals and sole traders to larger organizations, all of whom benefit from our expert knowledge, vast experience and customer service. We offer a local delivery service and next day national delivery on thousands of quality new and used car, van, commercial and 4x4 parts. We work with national insurance companies offering a collection and storage facility before recycling the vehicles, and can offer an extensive range of salvage cars for re-sale. Vehicle recycling is completed in-house by our own trained staff and provides secure knowledge that any vehicles that are not repairable do not reappear on the road. We comply with all relevant legislative regulation and are members of several trade associations including the Motor Vehicle Dismantlers’ Association.

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Chris Davey Car Parts

Within a radius (as the crow flies) of 14 miles:

#13.5 miles   Land Rover Defender Day


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