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Based in Dorset, 1st Choice Salvage offers a FREE and reliable scrap vehicle collection service within Dorset and surrounding counties. Our company collect and dispose of all unwanted cars and vans. We offer a friendly and professional service which ensures all vehicles are collected and disposed of within the Government Legislation. 1st Choice Salvage specialise in the environmentally friendly disposal of scrap vehicles. By recycling your old scrap cars, we can help reduce emissions and cut down on pollution. So if you have an unwanted vehicle in need of scrapping fast, it will not cost you a penny and you will be doing your bit to help the environment. We collect any car or van, regardless of its age or condition and pay cash to take the vehicle off your hands. Accidental Damage Insurance Write-Offs With or Without MOT Running or non-running vehicles Old and New Abandoned Crashed Cars

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February's Historic West Country

In February 1920, Strouds National Steam Car Company is renamed The National Omnibus & Transport Company Limited and begins a rapid period of expansion..Archive WWW.WESTCOUNTRYAUTOJUMBLE.CO.UK