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The Launceston Steam Railway links the historic town of Launceston with the hamlet of Newmills. The line runs for two and a half miles through the glorious Kensey Valley along the trackbed of the old North Cornwall Railway, where once express trains from Waterloo thundered along. Your train is hauled by narrow gauge (2' 0") locomotives built in Victoria's reign, and you can ride in open or closed carriages depending on the weather; whatever you choose, you are assured of a marvellous view. A seat in the front of the train is as good as being on the footplate. Tickets are "Day Rovers" so you can ride the trains as often as you wish, or you can break your journey for a picnic, to explore the footpaths around the Kensey Valley or visit the Newmills Farm Park. With a train every hour, many passengers choose to enjoy a picnic or a walk in the valley, and return on a later service. The guard will stop the train, on request, at Hunt's Crossing.

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Launceston Steam Railway Office

  • Address: St. Thomas Road, Launceston, Cornwall
  • Postcode: PL15 8DA
  • Phone: 01566 775 665
  • URL: www.launcestonsr.co.uk

Business Hours

  • We will reopen for our 2014 season at Easter. Full details of our opening dates in 2014 will be available soon.


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January's Historic West Country

In January 1643, The Cornish Royalist, led by Sir Ralph Hopton, gain victory at the Battle of Braddock Down in the first English Civil War. Archive WESTCOUNTRYAUTOJUMBLE.CO.UK