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The Bradworthy Transport Museum features a unique display of nearly 100 antique farm and road transport vehicles and is the realisation of a dream, a lifelong ambition, of Ken Wilson who started his fabulous collection over 35 years ago with a 1938 Rover 10. Ken's collection comprises over 100 historic vehicles - lorries, vans, cars, Motor Cycles, tractors, farm equipment and military vehicles dating back to 1914, along with other exhibits and associated memorabilia. The intention was to open at the beginning of the 2006 season but Ken, being Ken, had to get it absolutely right and Autumn 2006 was a more realistic opening time. Since then Ken has welcombed thousands to his prized collection, andken and pat wilson shared his experiences as to how he came to rescue and gave new life to certain vehicles. Enthusiast groups from all over have visited and given their seal of approval to this unique collection. Just to wet your appetite the collection includes numerous rare vehicles including a right hand drive Canadian Chrysler, a 1932 Hillman Minx and a 1948 Fordson 7V tipper lorry. Ken has acquired a 1928 Fiat saloon, a Nuffield tractor, a 1962 350 AJS and a Green Goddess Fire Engine which is being restored to original specification.
CAMP SITE IS STILL AVAILABLE :: Camp site for your tents, camper vans or caravans - £10 a night - free parking for one car, electric hookups. Available now and more details soon - ring 01409 241900 and leave a message - or just turn up. There are toilets and showers (£1 pp pn for shower) and the cafe may be available for some meals - ask in advance please.

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Bradworthy Transport Museum Office

  • Address: Bradworthy, Holsworthy, Devon
  • Postcode: EX22 7RW
  • Phone: 01409 241597
  • URL: www.bradworthy-transport-museum.co.uk

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