About the 14th Sun Inn Steam and Vehicle Meet

To be held Saturday 15th December, 2018.

Annual Meet of Vintage & Classic Vehicles and Steam Engines, informal event. This popular Steam & Vehicle Meet started 10 years ago and it has become very popular over the years, from small beginnings with just three cars and one Steam engine it is looked forward to every year now by our club members and guests who support it. Although not always good weather, despite SNOW in 2010 many people still attended and enjoyed lunch at the pub.

- Transport Of Yesteryear (Dorset)     

Sat Nav Longitude and Latitude Co-ordinates:

-2.496957 (LONG) // 50.743164 (LAT)

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To double check the event is taking place before setting off (advisable) or for further information please contact the organisers not us! on the contact details below.

14th Sun Inn Steam and Vehicle Meet Contact Details

  • Organisation: Transport Of Yesteryear (Dorset)
  • Address: The Sun Inn Lower Burton, Dorchester, Dorset.
  • Postcode: DT2 9RZ
  • Phone: 01305 260 038
  • URL: http://www.transportofyesteryear.com/


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