About Mr. R. Jessop

With of 25 years of experience in the vehicle dismantling industry, we at Jessop Motor Vehicle Dismantler provide a car salvage service perfect for you. Whether you need to get rid of your car because it has failed its MOT or because it was damaged in an accident, we are here to safely dismantle your car or vehicle for you. We can also provide you with any spare parts that you may need for your current vehicle such as a front bonnet or a side door.

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Within a radius of 9 miles:

#0.8 miles   Gloucester Boat Jumble
#1.5 miles   Motorhog
#3.3 miles   Twigworth Breakers
#4.9 miles   Harry Buckland
#6.3 miles   B & K Dismantlers
#6.5 miles   Scrap A Car For Cash

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April's Historic West Country

Somerset Civil War April 1645, The Royalist capture Taunton Town but are unable to capture the Castle. Earlier in 1634 Somerset had resisted Ship money to King Charles I. Archive WESTCOUNTRYAUTOJUMBLE.CO.UK