About Charles Trent Ltd

We're a leading vehicle recycling and management company in the UK. We collect vehicles for scrap and pay competitive prices. We also sell used vehicle parts for up to 90% less than new in our DIY PickAPart yard that holds upward of 200 vehicles. In addition to these services we also have 25,000 used vehicle parts available from our warehouse. Our tyrebay is very successful in the local area providing fully-fitted new and part-worn tyres as well as alloys, batteries and more. For more info visit http://www.tyre-wise.com. Finally, we also have a number of salvaged vehicles available for sale through our online auction site http://auctions.trents.co.uk. Give us a visit today and see how we can help you save on the cost of used vehicle parts. Why buy new when recycled will do?

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April's Historic West Country

Somerset Civil War April 1645, The Royalist capture Taunton Town but are unable to capture the Castle. Earlier in 1634 Somerset had resisted Ship money to King Charles I. Archive WESTCOUNTRYAUTOJUMBLE.CO.UK