Tiverton Pannier Market Car Boot Sale

The car boot sale is due to close for the season in December.

Give them a call to double check if the sale is going ahead (possibly Sunday 23rd December, 2018).

Unconfirmed season end date. Please contact the organiser directly for more information and to find out when it will be held.



A little bit more about the Car Boot Sale :

The Tiverton Pannier Market Outdoor Boot Sale usually takes place every Sunday. From April through to December. Sellers should arrive at 1.00pm, and buying begins from 2.00pm. The boot sale is organised by Tiverton Pannier Market, who can be reached on 01884 258 968. Please contact them to check the boot sale is going ahead.

Additional Information :

A popular car boot in the Tiverton area. Well attended. Over by about 3.30pm but many buyers regularly attend.

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Tiverton Pannier Market Car Boot Sale Contact Details

  • Contact Person: [not provided]
  • Organisation: Tiverton Pannier Market
  • Address: Park Hill, Tiverton, Devon.
  • Postcode: EX16 6RP
  • Phone: 01884 258 968

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Tiverton Pannier Market Car Boot Sale

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