Divoky Riding School Horsey Car Boot Sale

This car boot sale has passed. See other links for other Sunday 1st April, 2018 car boots.

See the notes below.

The car boot sale has already been held. Check back soon or check with the organisers if they will hold another one in the near future.


Divoky Riding School Horsey Car Boot Sale

A little bit more about the Car Boot Sale:

The Divoky Riding School Indoor Boot Sale is a one off sale. Sellers should arrive at 11.00am, and buying begins from 1.00pm.Sellers should arrive at 8.00am, and buying begins from 9.30am. The boot sale is organised by Divoky Riding School, who can be reached on 01749 880233. Please contact them to check the boot sale is going ahead.

Additional Information

We're holding a Horsey Car boot sale on the 5th of April anyone is welcome. You can sell all kinds of goods (with the exception of body protectors and riding hats) It will be held indoors and out with the charge of a stand being £5 for outside and £10 for being inside. The Pony Club will also be holding a table for those of you wanting to help with that please just ask us. This is a Charity event for S.W.R.C.I.C. as we are trying to put a roof on the school (non-profitable charity that raises money for disabled children to go horse riding).

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Get in touch

To double check the event is taking place before setting off (advisable) or for further information please contact the organisers not us! on the contact details given.

Divoky Riding School Horsey Car Boot Sale Contact Details

  • Organisation: Divoky Riding School
  • Address: Manor Farm Downhead, Shepton Mallet.
  • Postcode: BA4 4LG
  • Phone: 01749 880233

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